Pinjaman Pembiayaan Aneka Guna Bank Bumi Arta

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Bank Bumi Arta - Contacts

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Bank Bumi Arta

Jl. Wahid Hasyim 234 Jakarta Pusat

10250 Jakarta Pusat


Phone: (2300893) 230****

Fax: N/A

Email: web******@*******.**.**

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Pembiayaan Aneka Guna

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Bank Bumi Arta

BBA or has been commonly known as Bank Bumi Arta is one of incorporation company on a banking sector. The bank headquartered in Jakarta and was established on March 3rd, 1967.

Pembiayaan Aneka Guna

Minimum amount : N/A

Interest rate : 0%

Term : 1 - 120 month

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