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Join the KlaritiKita community

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step 2

Write reviews, invite your friends and earn KlaritiPoints

step 3

Every time you collect 50 KlaritiPoints, you get Rp. 50.000 in cash

step 4

Spend the money on whatever you want

Our KlaritiKita community is helpful to everyone because of our members. KlaritiPoints are our way to say thank you for being such a valued member of our community.

50 KlaritiPoints = Rp. 50.000

KlaritiPoints payment can be done in one of the following three ways (1) directly into your bank account, (2) through PayPal or (3) as a credit for your cell phone. You can select the payment method most appropriate for you.

For every contribution to the KlaritiKita community you receive a certain number of KlaritiPoints. Please see below table for the current schedule:

Contributions KlaritiPoints
Registrasi +2 points
Sambungkan akun ke Facebook +5 points
Tambah Foto Profil +1 points
Teman yang Ikut Mendaftar +2 points
Teman Menulis 5 Review +10 points
Menuliskan Review Rekening Bank +15 points
Menuliskan Review Pinjaman +15 points
Menuliskan Review Kartu Kredit +15 points
Menuliskan Review Rumah Sakit +15 points
Menuliskan Review Dokter +15 points
Menuliskan Review Asuransi +15 points
10 Pengguna Menilai Review Anda Bermanfaat +20 points
Menuliskan Review Penyakit +15 points
Menuliskan Review Obat +15 points