KlaritiKita FAQ

What is our KlaritiKIta?

KlaritiKita is a community to share experiences and knowledge related to health, finance, and so on. The purpose of sharing references is to help you find the best and trusted health and financial service providers. Imagine how confused and your body feels when you need to find a doctor or hospital, or you want to insure your car, take a bank loan or apply for a credit card.

Together with KlaritiKita, you will get references and knowledge related to the above problems so you can make decisions right and quickly.

Why Should You Join KlaritiKita?

Together with thousands of other KlaritiKita members, you will get knowledge and references about Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance, Credit Cards, Loans and all kinds of related Accounts and other bank products. Everything you get is free. In addition to the reviews you will also get a rating about the references above. You can find the above information for all parts of Indonesia so that it makes it easier to make decisions regarding important things in your life.

How do you make a rating?

KlaritiKita has thousands of members who will share their experiences with doctors, hospitals and banks. Based on this review we use proprietary algorithms to determine which are the most reliable. This data we will use to rank.

What should I do if I want to add a review?

If you had a good or bad experience, it is very important to add reviews about doctors, hospitals and banks because it will help our community learn from your experiences. To add a review on KlaritiKita, you can go to the page Write review, then you can select your review category where you can write a review about Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance, Credit Cards, Loans, and so on.

What are KlaritiPoints and how do they work?

KlaritiPoints is the way we reward your help to our community. There are a number of easy ways to get Klariti Points, for example by sending reviews or inviting friends. After you have managed to collect a number of Clarity Points, you can ask us to pay the points either in cash or in the form of telephone credit. Every time you collect 50 KlaritiPoints, you get Rp. 50,000. You can spend the money for whatever you want

How do I redeem my Klariti Points?

After you have collected KlaritiPoints, you can ask us to pay in cash or cell phone credit credit. You can see the number of points on your profile page then choose how many points you want to transfer and where the transfer destination account is.

How do I add my business to KlaritiKita?

We have added more than one hundred thousand providers in all of the above fields. So it's an opportunity for you to register your business in KlaritiKita so that your business grows. If your business is not registered, please contact us and we will add immediately.

How can I claim my profile?

Claiming your profile is very easy. First, you need to find your profile through us through the search menu. After finding your profile, you will find a link "Is this you?" Which will take you to the claim process. To verify your claim, you need to submit a document that allows us to approve your claim. These documents can be in the form of KTP, NPWP, SIUP or other appropriate official documents. After you submit the document, our team will process your claim. Please note that you must be registered first as a KlaritiKita member to claim your profile.

Why do I have to claim my profile?

Claiming your profile allows you to take control of all the information displayed about your business. You can edit your information and contact your customers directly. In this way you can increase your customer satisfaction.